BUILD-A-BIKE Charity Event ®

Looking for a Fun Team Building Activity?

Build A Bike, Build A Team, Build a Community!

Build-A-Bike ® is the original bicycle team building event for charity! People absolutely LOVE this charity team building activity, because it combines real team development with a worthwhile donation to the community! We divide your team into groups of six to eight people. Then, each group must quickly form a cohesive team in order to unlock secrets that help them acquire the resources that they need (part by part) to build a bicycle. Groups quickly discover that they must break out of their “silo” and work together as a single team to win, though. The ultimate conclusion is that when we work together, we accomplish more — faster! This will be “the most fun” that your attendees will ever have — while they are working!”
Build-A-Bike Charity Team Event
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❝The afternoon went very well and was enjoyable for the entire group. It was so different from any other team building exercise I've been involved in.❞ - Hannah Hamilton, Oncor Energy
❝Our presenter was great. We were limited on time, so I wish we would have slotted more time for this event.❞ - Suzanne Anderson, Delek
❝Our entire team loved the team building event!❞ - Christine Denman, Kraton Polymers
❝Thank you for facilitating such a great event on Friday!! We have gotten great feedback.❞ - Abby Burcham, ExxonMobil
❝Absolutely the BEST event EVER! Chris was a GREAT leader. He made the event fun for ALL. Thank you thank you thank you!❞ - Lori Conrads, Montage
❝Everything was great!❞ - Bryan Taft, Enablon

Outcomes of the Build-A-Bike Charity Event ®

  • Build Teamwork Under Pressure.
  • Solve Problems as a Group.
  • Improve Communicate and Trust.
  • Identify the Strengths of the Individual Participants on Your Team.
  • Collaborate better.
  • Realize that departments and individuals within a company can’t act independently of their coworkers. When the group works together, they accomplish a lot more.
  • And have tons of fun in the process.

Requirements of this Philanthropic Event

  • Group Size: 20-3000 People
  • Space Requirements: 25 ft2/person
  • Time Needed: 1-2 Hours
This philanthropic bike team building activity is composed of three modules that can be customized to fit the specific needs of your group. Each of the three modules are designed to build the energy in the room and get the participants to function as a team more effectively. The modules range in length from 10 minutes to 35 minutes, so the program can be tailored to fit a specific time frame. For a more in-depth activity, we also offer half-day, full-day, and a Build-A-Bike Charity ® 2-Day Retreat as well. During each event, you’ll engage both your minds and your bodies in solving the puzzles of teamwork and build great camaraderie.
Build-A-Bike® Team Cheer