Creating a Team Culture

a energetic leadership workshop

Create a Team Culture within your company Today!

High Energy Classroom Team Building: Has your team experienced a a merger or management change recently?  Want to get your new hires to come in with a team mentality? Are changes in technology or roles within your personnel causing stress in the work place? Any or all of these things are happening Creating a Team Culture can help. The Creating a Team Culture leadership event can help your group come together to start working as a team more effectively. From problem solving to learning communication skills your team will leave this class with more confidence on their strengths and how to work together as a team. Ultimately, it shows team members how to be more effective with each other to increase production and decrease co-worker tension. Fun classroom team building is a fantastic and fun way to bring everyone together and develop a positive team culture in your office. People learn faster when they are having fun!
"The Instructor was spot on regarding the topics and also was able to work within our time frame.❞ - Saiza Elayda, PhRMA
❝Thank you for a great event! The team loved it! ❞ -Elaine Karp , R1RCM
❝Everyone loved the event and was perfect for our group!❞ - Melissa Lewis, SCS Engineers
❝Toby was great - really engaged the team ❞ - Cathy McGinnis, Zeiders
❝We truly enjoyed this dynamic training. We were engaged and interested in the material and had fun too.❞ - Kathy Dorminey, Aging Resources

Outcomes of the fun leadership training class

  • Build a Team Culture
  • Improve Trust and Rapport
  • Reduce Conflicts
  • Build Strong Leaders Throughout Your Organization
  • Improve Morale and Add Fun to the Workplace.

Requirements of this Event

  • Group Size: 10-3000 People
  • Space Requirements: Classroom Style
  • Time Needed: 3.5 Hours – 2 Days
  • Setup Time: None
Creating a Team Culture Seminar

Structure and Time Frame of this Team Building Activity

Our high energy leadership class is composed of three one-hour modules to make the program easy to fit any time-frame. This event can be broken up to be breakout sessions, a full day of training, or a 2-day workshop. If you are looking at doing a team building event and want additional training for your team consider Creating A Team Culture as an add on. It is the perfect way to establish a positive team culture in your office.

Fun Classroom Team Building Seminar

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